The Doctors of Mobile Vision Care provide comprehensive eye exams for diabetes, glaucoma, macula degeneration and many other disease of the eye. The patient’s total health and activities of daily living are taken into account in creating the best treatment plan for that patient.

Diabetes - We dilate the pupils and check inside the eye for any leaking blood vessels or macula edema.

Cataracts - We check each patient for cataracts. We dilate the pupil and check the thickness of any cataract that may be present. If needed, we refer the patient to a local cataract surgeon.

Macula Degeneration - The pupils are dilated and macula viewed and evaluated for any indication that the disease is progressing or ‘wet’.

Dry Eye - The cornea is viewed and often special dyes will be used to view the health of the tear layer and anterior structures of the eye.


Mobile Vision Care uses modern technology to assess and review the patient. These tools include:

Pachymetry - Measurement of corneal thickness

Gonioscopy - Special mirrors to assist in glaucoma care

Fundus Photography - Special cameras designed to photograph the retina

Blephex - Procedure to rid the eyelids of dandruff/debris

Automated Retinoscopy - Equipment to ‘read’ the eye and assist in determining an eyeglass prescription - this is very helpful for patients with dementia or aphasia

Ophthalmoscopy - Special tools to allow the Doctor to view the internal structures of the eye

Ultrasound - Device that uses sound waves to see inside the eye.


Payment - Mobile Vision Care accepts medicaid benefits for eyewear. If no benefit is available we can provide glasses at low cost to the patient.

Loss Prevention - The name is engraved and also labeled on the patients eyewear. Additionally the patients name is labeled on their eyeglass case. Fast Service - We strive for the patient to receive their eyewear within two weeks of exam.


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