1. My parent has Alzheimers.  Can you still do an eye exam?
Yes.  Although the patient may not be able to read the eye chart the doctor is able to, in most cases, dilate the pupils and examine the eyes.  We carry with us automated equipment that is able to assist the doctor in determining an eyeglass

2.  I rarely get out of the bed.  Can you still do an exam?
Yes.  We can provide the exam at the patient’s bedside.

3.  Are you able to label the patient’s eyeglasses?
Yes.  We engrave the patient’s last name on the inside of the right temple.

4.  Is there any cost to me for the doctor’s visit?
We bill the patient for any co-pay or deductible.  Patients may be billed for a refraction, determination of refractive error, in addition to co-pay and/or deductible.


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